My top 10 beaches of the world

  1. Maldives

Pick just any island of 1200 and you’ll get the same treat: turquoise waters, white sand, perfect palm trees.


  1. Mauritius – Le Morne 

Le Morne beach is breathtaking: the mountain near – Le Morne Brabant, the Indian Ocean and the calm, green, clear waters gives you the feeling of never wanting to go home.


3. Cabo Verde – Sal 

Miles and miles of sand and sea where you are alone. Pristine beaches with black or fine yellow sand contour the volcanic island of Sal.

cabo-verde-858cabo verde 848plaja

4. Seychelles – Takamaka Beach 

A lot to say about the nature’s paradise – Seychelles, but Takamaka beach from Mahe island conquered my heart with huge rocks on the shore, warm waters and sunsets on fire. Can one want more?


5. Brazil – Angra dos Reis 

What can I say about Brazil? The country of endless beaches. If Copacabana or Ipanema are too crowded try Angra dos Reis islands: little hidden gems in the Atlantic Ocean near the colorful city of Paraty.

brazilia mea 287brazilia mea 372OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMGP2578

6. Romania – Vama Veche 

Beach, sun and fun! This unique corner of Romania sets you free. Imagine partying at the seaside as if no one is watching, as if no one cares… waiting for the sunrise.

2016-07-30 20.07.4219072009(003)vama 012

7. Singapore – Sentosa 

The most real man-made beach. Just a corner of heaven away from hustling and bustling area of Singapore.


8. Romania – Sulina 

The place where Danube Delta meets with the Black Sea – Sulina – the most eastern point of Romania and of the European Union holds a treasuse: a wide fine beach. Only for the connoisseurs.

2016-07-14 19.39.31sulina august 118sulina august 370

9. Vietnam – Vung Tau 

The urban quiet beach of Vung Tau – a small town 2 hours drive from Ho Chi Min gives you the impression that you returned to the past. It’s unspoiled by modernity, just a quiet cool place you must visit. For the views, people, food, atmosphere.



10. Thailand – Pattaya

You can say a lot about Pattaya, but you can not say anything wrong about the beaches. There’s one corner of exotic sand for every one’s taste.

thailanda 323P1120413P1120249P1120186



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