It’s hard to describe Japan or Japanese or the feelings you have being there. I have in mind words like dazzling, puzzling, overwhelming, surprising… and all the superlatives in “ing” you can think of. Not to forget mind blowing!


It’s the height of civilization, (can it be higher that this? I wonder), a perfect organized society, with perfect roads, smiling people, where every single detail matter, for example: at the hotel we had at the reception many pairs of glasses, in case we did not see the letters or the bill, or in the stores, they welcome you with a big smile and a bow, no matter if you buy something or not, or they offer you an umbrella, if outside it’s pouring like hell in monsoon and you look like lost tourists in need of immediate shelter.


Streets are so clean, my impression was that you can walk in pair of socks and not get dirty, I just watched their gheisas in white socks and wooden sandals walk so confident on the sidewalks, not worrying that a single spot will ruin their impeccable traditional outfit.


In the night, there so much life in the streets, big flashy commercials everywhere, on the skyscrapers or outside the stores, that gives you the real sensation that you are the actor in a tv spot. Huge colourfull crowds, dressed as in the manga’s comics books, with large smiles on everyone’s faces.



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